About CHiNDT and CrackCheck

CHiNDT®, founded in 1994, is a leading inspection instrument and equipment manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. Our equipment, products and services range in the fields of UV LED lamps, magnetic particle testing equipment (MT), penetrant testing equipment (PT), cleaning machine and water treatment system. CrackCheck® is a division of CHiNDT dedicated to world leading UV LED technologies. CrackCheck designs and manufacturers high quality UV LED lamps, UV LED endoscopes and special LED light sources.
CHiNDT facilities
There are three factories and two laboratories in CHiNDT. Workshop 1# is for equipment manufacturing, Workshop 2# is for equipment assembling and workshop 3# is for instruments(UV lamps, yokes) manufacturing and assembling. NDT laboratory is for NDT technologies invention and experiments. Optical laboratory is for light source brainstorming, blueprint verification, testing and experiments.
CHiNDT Headquarter
CHiNDT R&D Capacity

CHiNDT is famous for its strong R&D capability and quick response to the industrial needs. Among its 110+ employees, there are 2 professors, 9 PhDs and 20+ experienced engineers in our team. 
For CrackCheck division, there are automatic light testing platforms, 3D printing machines, testing lines, aging lines and optical testing devices.

With our dedicated professional team and cutting-edge equipments, the cycle time of CHiNDT for a new product takes only 5 months, from brainstorming to massive production, which makes CrackCheck UV LED lamps are favorable for the fast developing industry. CHiNDT massively use 3D printing technology during engineering, design verification and production. This makes us doing a better job faster, more accurately and economically.  

CHiNDT Philosophy
Quality and innovation is our way of life. Figuring out ways to improve product quality and thinking of new innovations for our products are two most important things for each CHiNDTer. Each month, there are innovation and quality forum in CHiNDT. Each one get a bonus for their active participation. With these philosophy in mind, CHiNDT invented many innovative products for UV LED industry.
We are honored to be the inventor of
To improve our quality, CHiNDT has obtained ISO 9001 certificate. All our products are CE and RoHS certified and most of our products are in compliance with a wide range of industrial standards such as ASTM E3022-15, ISO 3059-12, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061, Airbus AITM6-1001.A few special units of our products are explosion proof certified.

Words from CHiNDT General Manager
My father started this company when I was six years old and I fell in love with NDT technologies at my young age. In the past few decades, so many people said MT and PT are very old technologies and they would be replaced by a better solution one day. But in reality, MT and PT are even more important today than they were in the past. I love MT and PT and I would like to devote my whole life to improve MT and PT technologies. So I got my PhD degree in the field of intelligent MPI systems.

CrackCheck is a relatively new division of CHiNDT established in 2014, but it is one of the most innovative and active part of CHiNDT.
 For many people, UV lamp was only a tool for fluorescent MT and PT systems in the past, but we can make it an important part of a whole intelligent MPI or FPI system. It may find cracks automatically one day to save human labor, it may sense gas leaks inside coal mines to save peoples’ life, it may gives automatic alarm when leak happens, it may combine with magnetic field sensor to verify magnetization. It’s an amazing technology and NDT tool! And CHiNDT is the one who is to make these imaginations happen!   
As an innovation-based company, CHiNDT is eager to cooperate with companies and personals looking for a better solution for your demanding inspection request. Also, we are glad to have more partners around the world to work with us, represent CHiNDT products and achieve win-win results. If you have any interest, feel free to send me emails to gm@chindt.com.
Thanks for your attention!


Louis Lee (Ph.D-Ing)
General Manager