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Apollo365【AP365】 series
Module-based Overhead NDT LED UV Panel 

Customize Your Ideal UV LED Panel
Model          LED Source                                   Adjustable  Intensity        Coverage Area
AP365-L       8*UV LEDs,2*White light LED         3500-4600μw/cm2               540*520mm
AP365-XL    16*UV LEDs,4*White light LED        5500-9000μw/cm2               730*520mm

General Description: 
Apollo365 series overhead LED UV panel utilizes the state-of-art LED technology and makes it a great tool for fluorescent MT, PT and leak detection. Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, Apollo365 series LED UV panel will endure the harshest working conditions. Apollo365 series LED UV panel highlights its rugged design, excellent cooling ability, waterproof and dustproof performance. The unique fearture of Apollo365 series LED UV panel is its module-based design.

Apollo365 series LED UV panel abandons the design of many LEDs welded on the same board in series. Each LED of Apollo365 is encapsulated as an independent unit - ATOM . ATOM Flood and ATOM Spot are interchangalbe to make your preferred Apollo365/L with the desired UV intensity and coverage area. Besides, the electrical board is 5-levels adjustable, which offers you more intensity possibilities.

Multiple LEDConfiguration
  • Flood & Spot UV Module
  • Interchangeable
  • Customize UV Intensity & Coverage
  • 5-level UV Intensity
LED Module
  • High Intensity & Uniform Beam
  • Optical Lens + UV Filter
  • Repair Friendly
Rugged Design
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Finned Heat Dissipating Design
  • Mechanical Cooling & Fans Cooling
Instant maximum output without pre-heating.
Switch function between UV light and white light.
LED module-based design with excellent maintainability.
Safe and pure UV-A centering at 365nm.
UV filter ensuring visible light less than 5 Lux.
Horizontally and longitudinally expandable with
standard connectors.
100% solid state circuit ensuring working properly
in strong magnetic field.
Technical Specifications:
Item:                       AP365 series LED UV panel
Wavelength:           365-370nm
Visible light:            < 0.5 foot-candles(5 lux)
Power supply:         AC 110V-240V  50/60Hz
Weight:                  AP365-L:   4.5 kg
                               AP365-XL: 7.2 kg

Lamp kit :

-Apollo365 series LED UV panel
-AC power code
Chains for mounting

Need higher UV intensity?
*ATOM Flood and ATOM Spot and Spot module are interchangeable and can be installed on the same board, which
offers more combination of UV intensity and coverage area to meet specific inspection demand.
*Get the highest UV output by adjusting the current level. The UV intensity is designed up to 10,000uw/cm at 38 cm.

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