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About KingKong
KingKing Series handheld LED UV lamp utilizes the state-of-art LED technology and makes it a great tool for fluorescent MT, PT and leak detection. Two versions are available: general version KK-6000 and aerospace version KK-6000 Aero. Both versions consist of 3 UV LEDs and 1 white LEDs, which ensures high UV intensity and large coverage. KingKong Series handheld LED UV lamp is highlighted with its unique function of UV intensity adjustment and laser pointer. Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, KK-6000 will endure the harshest working conditions. 

KingKong Features
· Five-level UV intensity adjustable, which offers more intensity possibilities for specific applications
· The laser pointer makes it possible to locate crack location on big parts and pointing locations between operators
· White light and UV light are easily switchable
· OLED screen displaying battery status, lamp temperature, UV intensity level and charging indication
· Power Supply: Battery and Mains
· 100% solid state circuit ensuring working steadily in strong magnetic field
· Safe and pure UV-A spectrum in the range of 365-370nm with no UV-B and UV-C

A Complete KingKong Package

KingKong Data Sheet

Item KingKong General KingKong Aerospace
Model KK-6000 KK-6000 AE
Part Number 607001 607002
LED Source 3 UV-LEDs, 1 white light LED
Wavelength Certified 365-370nm
UVA Intensity at 15”(380mm) ~ 2,500-4,000uw/cm2
5 level adjustable
~ 3,000-5,000uw/cm2
5 level adjustable
Coverage Area at 15”(380mm) >1000uw/cm2:~250*250mm
at UV level 3
at UV level 3
Compliance ASTM E 3022, ISO 3059 ASTM E 3022, ISO 3059, RRES 90061, NADCAP, AITM6-1001
Visible Light < 5Lux (0.5 ft-candle)
Dimension 82mm*118mm*216mm
Weight  ca. 550g (1.2lb) without batteries
ca. 640g (1.5lb) with batteries
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
2 * 3.7V lithium batteries (Type 18650)
Running Time ~2 hours
Battery Life ~1,000 charging cycles
Certification CE, RoHS, Ex*  

* A special Explosion-proof certified model: KK-6000 with Ex can be manufactured on request. Standard models are not explosion proof.

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