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   UV Digital HD Videoscope 

About UV/Scope
UV/Scope UV digital high-definition videoscope apply 385nm UV LED to perform UV visual inspection of the work piece after fluorescent magnetic particle inspection. The fluorescent material in the fluorescent magnetic particles emits electron transition under the irradiation of the ultraviolet lamp, and emits a yellow-green visible light of 510 to 550 nm. In the magnetic particle inspection, when the work piece is magnetized, if there are cracks, pores or other defects on the work piece surface or near surface, the leakage magnetic field at the defect will attract and collect the magnetic powder applied during the flaw detection to form a magnetic mark. This kind of magnetic trace with fluorescent substance under the irradiation of ultraviolet light lamp stimulates yellow-green visible light which is very sensitive to human eyes, so as to achieve the purpose of detection.

Product features
●Hand-held integrated design, easy to carry, easy to operate, ergonomic design concept, beautiful appearance, perfect use.
●The camera shell is made of titanium alloy, multi-layer tungsten wire braiding test line is more anti-corrosive and durable.
●Electric joystick control, 360°rotation, flexible and labor-saving operation, improve work efficiency.
●PT and MT endoscopic fluoroscopy are performed under UV light to emit a wide-area accurate UV 385 nm band.
●With 4 high-intensity UV LED illumination sources, the illumination intensity reaches 1800um/cm, and it can get all the inspection pictures, such as large engine cylinders and aircraft landing gears, under the huge cavity inspection environment.

UV videoscope Exploded View

UV digital HD videoscope inspection rendering
UV digital HD videoscope main specifications

Carton Dimension 506*460*160mm
Weight Package weight 5.7kg
Main unit weight 960g
Product Size 310mm*150mm*70mm
Housing Material ABS
LCD Size 5 inches
Resolution 800*480
Display Frame Rate 30FPS
Articultion Control Electric joy stick
Output Interface RCA Composite video output
USB Interface Mini-USB B type
System  Memory No
Light type 385nm UV LED
Expected life time 100,000 hours
Brightness Control Manual 5-level adjustment
White balance Manual/Auto
Video output Manual NTSC/PAL
Video input NTSC/PAL
SD card 32G
Power Supply  
AC power input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.35A
AC power output 5V 2A
Li-ion battery 3.7V/6000MAH
Charging hour 5 hours
Battery running time > 4 hours
Camera diameter 7mm
Camera length 15mm
Sensor CMOS 1/6
Pixel 100 Megapixel
DOF 15mm-infinity
FOV >120°
View Direction 0 degree (Forward view)
Housing material Titanium alloy
LED Irradiance 1800um/cm2
Interchangeable camera tip Yes

Testing cable
Testing Diameter 7mm
Length 1.5/3m
Surface Tungsten Braid
Articulation Bending Direction Eletric 360 Degrees
Bending Angle 360 Degrees Rotation More than 90 Degrees Bending
Control Machanism Electric Joystick
Operating environment
Camera WWorking Temperature -10~50℃
System Working Temperature -10~50℃
Storage Temperature -10~50℃
Liquid Proof Oil, light oil or 5% salt
Waterproof Level Solution(IP67)
Operating System Multitasking operating system menu driven and key operations
Image control Real-time image 3Xzoom, store image 3Xzoom
Image format JPEG 1024*768
Video format AVI  720*576
Software upgrading Upgrade vio USB flash drive
Languages Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, German,French,
Korean, Russian, Italian,Japanese

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