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PX-45 Portable LED UV Lamp

Certified to meet ASTM E3022 and Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Requirements

General Description: 
CrackCheck® PX-45 Portable NDT LED UV lamp is a hand-held NDT inspection lamp with white light and UV light emissions as per to ASTM E 3022. This type of lamps all can be equipped with black light filters and the visible light is less than 5 Lux.
PX-45 LED UV lamp can be powered by electrical mains or built-in batteries with battery indicator. First choice for fluorescent inspection,biological polymerization, leaking test, criminal investigation and many other field.
Multiple Charging
Powered by both eletrical mains and built-in batteries.

Power Indicator
The lamp is designed with power indication.

Safe and Pure UV-A
Safe and pure UV-A emissions with peak wavelength of 365-370nm.Negliable visible light to safeguard visual inspection.
Wide and Uniform Beam
Wide coverage area and uniform beam with NO hot spots.
Certified to meet International Standards
ASTM E 3022, ASTM E 1444, ASTM E 1417, ASTM E709, ASTM E 2297. Also compliant with RRES90061 standards.


Optical &Eletrical Specification
Model PX-45
LED 3*UV-A LEDs, 1*white light LED
Excitation Irradiance(347-382nm) Aviation Model:~4500μw/cm2
High intensity Model:~5500μw/cm2
Visible light <5Lux
Peak Wavelength 365-370nm
Wavelength Drift
(at elevated temperature)
Emission Spectrum
Full Width at Half Maximum(FWHM)
Longest Wavelength at Half Max(LWHM)
+/-Width at Half Maximum
Full Width at 10% Maximum(FW10%)
+/-Width at 10% Maximum
Minimum Beam Diameter 170mm(≥1000μW/cm2 UV-A intensity)
250mm(≥200μW/cm2  UV-A intensity)
Minimum Working Distances WD≤12cm
Weight 820g
Power Supply Type Battery and Mains
Battery Type 2*Rechargeable Lithium Battery(18650)
Electrical Mains AC 100-240V 50/60Hz


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