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About Phoenix Family
The Phoenix Supreme is the 2nd generation of the CrackCheck Smart UV LED Lamps. With the unique features inherited from the first generation PX-45C (perfect integration of UV LED lamp and Android OS), the Phoenix Supreme is also updated with new features like: OTG function, intelligent accessory connection, real-time data streaming, crack dimension measurement (connected with Phoenix Eye), etc.
The Phoenix Eye is a special crack dimension measurement and evaluation accessory compatible with the Phoenix Supreme with UV and white lighting, while at the same time can be connected with laptops as well. Linked with the Phoenix Supreme, the Phoenix Eye is able to work as an UV/WL endoscope and take photos of the finest cracks with a clear display and high resolution. The cracks can be measured through the built-in app in the Phoenix Supreme or our dedicated PC software. 

Phoenix Eye Feature

· Built-in High Resolution Camera
Customized Sony Camera with 2 Mega-Pixel CCD.

· UV Light and White Light Switch
2 UV LEDs and 2 White Light LEDs

· Adjustable Intensity
Continuous intensity adjustment for different fluorescent brightnesses for optimal graphic output

· Paired with Phoenix Supreme or PC
· Precise dimension measurement of fine defects
· Great tool for PSM-5 (TAM) panel degradation test
· Endoscope

Phoenix Eye Specification
Camera Pixel 2 Mega Pixels
Power Source Connect PC or Phoenix Supreme via USB
LED Source 2 UV LEDs, 2 White LEDs
Weight 300g


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